Monday, 24 November 2014

Correction of Sentences for B.A. Students

(a) Correct the following sentences. (Noun)
(i) I need a ten rupees note. 
 I need a ten rupee note.
(ii) He ran three hundred meters race. 
 He ran three hundred meter race.
(iii) He has ten heads of cattle. 
 He has ten head of cattle.
(iv) He has given up his study. 
 He has given up his studies.
(v) I took pain in my work. 
 I took pains in my work.
(vi) He gave order to release him.
 He gave orders to release him.
(vii) He gave me many advices. 
 He gave me many pieces of advice.
(viii) I have many works to do. 
 I have many pieces of work to do.
(ix) The chair's leg is broken. 
 The leg of chair is broken.
(x) What is this book's price?
 What is the price of this book?
(b) Correct the following sentences. (Pronoun)
(i) Let Sabiha and I go there.
Let Sabiha and me go there.
(ii) One should take care of his health.
One should take care of one's health.
(iii) Everyone raised their hands.
Everyone raised his hands.
(iv) Saleema is the woman which gave me courage to work.
Saleema is the woman who gave me courage to work.
(v) He is the student who I think deserves praise.
He is the student whom I think deserves praise.
(vi) The boy who was promoted, he was my brother.
The boy who was promoted was my brother.
(vii) He availed of the opportunity.
He availed himself of the opportunity.
(viii) We enjoyed at the concert.
We enjoyed ourselves at the concert.
(ix) These two boys hate one another.
These two boys hate each other.
(x) Little children love each other.
Little children love one another.
(c) Correct the following sentences. (Verb)
(i) The wages of sin are hell.
The wages of sin is hell.
(ii) Ten miles are a long distance.
Ten miles is a long distance.
(iii) My brother's only help were his friends.
My brother's only help was his friends.
(iv) His friend and benefactor have left the room.
His friend and benefactor has left the room.
(v) They found that the ship is leaking.
They found that the ship was leaking.
(vi) I request you not to cut jokes in the class.
I request you not to make jokes in the class.
(vii) He made three goals in the last match.
He scored three goals in the last match.
(viii) He is reading in the medical college.
He is studying in the medical college.
(ix) He has come yesterday.
He came yesterday.
(x) Why he wrote that foolish letter?
Why did he write that foolish letter?
(d) Correct the following sentences. (Article)
(i) He is M.A. while his friend is B.A.
He is an M.A. while his friend is a B.A.
(ii) In Lahore we stayed at hotel.
In Lahore we stayed at a hotel.
(iii) Faisalabad is Manchester of Pakistan.
Faisalabad is the Manchester of Pakistan.
(iv) The gold is more costly than the silver.
Gold is more costly than silver.
(v) Rose is the sweetest of all flowers.
The rose is the sweetest of all flowers.
(vi) The man is selfish by nature.
Man is selfish by nature.
(vii) I have headache.
I have a headache.
(viii) I am stronger of the two.
I am the stronger of the two.
(ix) Higher we go, cooler it is.
The higher we go, the cooler it is.
(x) This is a best book.
This is the best book.
(a) Correct the following sentences. (Adjective)
(i) He is a famous gambler.
He is a notorious gambler.
(ii) We met at the house of a mutual friend to make peace.
We met at the house of a common friend to make peace.
(iii) He is a coward person.
He is a cowardly person.
(iv) We visited many worth-seeing places.
We visited many places worth-seeing.
(v) She is more clever than he.
She is clever than he.
(vi) Lahore is larger than any city in the Punjab.
Lahore is larger than any other city in the Punjab.
(vii) Of the two routes, this is the shortest.
Of the two routes, this is shorter.
(viii) Mumtaz is the most unique teacher.
Mumtaz is a unique teacher.
(ix) He enjoys the most worldwide reputation.
He enjoys worldwide reputation.
(x) It is much hot today.
It is very hot today.
(b) Correct the following sentences. (Adverb)
(i) He goes there never.
He never goes there.
(ii) He comes here seldom.
He seldom comes here.
(iii) He faced bravely the enemy.
He bravely faced the enemy.
(iv) Atif sings good.
Atif sings well.
(v) He died two months before.
He died two months ago.
(vi) The strawberry shortcake tastes deliciously.
The strawberry shortcake tastes delicious.
(vii) The rotten eggs smell badly.
The rotten eggs smell bad.
(viii) He is hardly hit by the bank's failure.
He is hard hit by the bank's failure.
(ix) I seldom or ever take medicine.
I never take medicine.
(x) It is much interesting book.
It is very interesting book.
(c) Correct the following sentences. (Preposition)
(i) The lion attacked at him.
The lion attacked him.
(ii) We reached at the platform soon after the train left.
We reached the platform soon after the train left.
(iii) The patient has been operated.
The patient has been operated upon.
(iv) Look this word in the dictionary.
Look up this word in the dictionary.
(v) I shot the bear but missed.
I shot at the bear but missed. 
(vi) I cannot pull on my work.
I cannot pull on with my work.
(vii) It is half past five in my watch.
It is half past five by my watch.
(viii) She is angry on me.
She is angry with me.
(ix) He wrote with red ink.
He wrote in red ink.
(x) I have not seen you since a long time.
I have not seen you for a long time.
(d) Correct the following sentences. (Conjunction) 
(i) If you do not come, then I shall not help you.
If you do not come, I shall not help you.
(ii) If he is poor, then I will help him.
If he is poor, I will help him.
(iii) Although he is old, but he is strong.
Although he is old, yet he is strong.
(iv) Hardly had we set out than the bad weather began.
Hardly had we set out when the bad weather began.
(v) Scarcely had he gone than a policeman knocked at the door.
Scarcely had he gone when a policeman knocked at the door.
(vi) No sooner he left than the storm broke.
No sooner he left when the storm broke.
(vii) Unless you don't work hard, you cannot secure good marks.
Unless you work hard, you cannot secure good marks.
(viii) Neither he comes, nor he writes.
Neither he comes, nor writes.
(ix) He wears like his friend does.
He wears as his friend does.
(x) He cried as if he was mad.
He cried as if he were mad.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


(a) Use the following idioms in your own sentences.
(i) Beggar description 
The beauty of Taj Mahal beggars description.
(ii) Carry weight
 Your arguments do not carry weight in this matter.
(iii) Compare notes
We met after the examination to compare notes how well we had done.
(iv) Fall flat
My attempt at humor fell flat and now the girl does not like me.
(v) Follow suit
Ali went to word for an bank, and Aslam followed suit. Now they are both head cashiers.
(vi) Hold water
Your arguments do not hold water in this matter.
(vii) Hush money
The crooks paid police hush money to keep their whereabouts secrets.
(viii) Make amends
I have come to you to make amends for my misconduct.
(ix) Play havoc
The rain played havoc with our garden party arrangements.
(vi) Work wonders
This new medicine works wonders with my headaches.
(b) Use the following idioms in your own sentences.
(i) Become a byword
His name has become a byword for honesty in the community.
(ii) Cut a sorry figure
She cut a sorry figure in the presence of her ugly husband.
(iii) Eat a humble pie
At last the proud Indian Army had to eat a humble pie in the 1965 War.
(iv) Flog a dead horse
We have already discussed this problem thrice. Please do not flog the dead horse.
(v) Make a clean breast
He made a clean breast of his guilt before the judge.
(vi) Make a face
He made a face at me to humble me before the teacher.
(vii) Pocket an insult
He abused me in the presence of my teacher and I had to pocket an insult.
(viii) Pull a long face
He pulled a long face at his insult in the meeting.
(ix) Smell a rat
I smell a rat in your plan.
(x) Take a fancy
The artist took a fancy to that beautiful painting.
(c) Use the following idioms in your own sentences.
(i) Bell the cat
Everyone was unhappy with the officer but no one was ready to bell the cat.
(ii) Break the ice
All were sitting silent in the meeting. At last, I broke the ice.
(iii) Break the news
The doctor had to break the news to Najma about her husband's cancer.
(iv) Bury the hatchet
Let us bury the hatchet and be friends again.
(v) Carry the day
Our team didn't play well at first, but we carried the day in the end.
(vi) Face the music
The politicians have to face the music.
(vii) Grease the palms
He greased the palms of the policeman and got his work done.
(viii) Hit the mark  
His debts have hit the Rs. 3 million mark.
(ix) Kick the bucket
The patient kicked the bucket last night.
(x) Steal the show
All the singers were good, but Atif Aslam stole the show.
(d) Use the following idioms in your own sentences.
(i) Add insult to injury
He insulted me at first and then abused me. In this way, he added insult to injury.
(ii) Beat about the bush
Do not beat about the bush and come to the point.
(iii) Burn the candle at both ends
When exams are drawn near, students try to burn the candle at both ends.
(iv) Burst into tears
The child burst into tears at the loss of his toy.
(v) Cast pearls before swine
Don't bother explaining Shakespeare to children. It would be like casting pearls before swine.
(vi) Die in harness
Quaid-e-Azam died in harness on 11th September, 1948.
(vii) End in smoke
All his effort to start a new business ended in smoke.
(viii) Fall in love with
I fell in love with the red car and bought it at once.
(ix) Leave in the lurch
The husband left her in the lurch and now she is leading a miserable life.
(x) Live from hand to mouth
When my father was out of work, we had to live from hand to mouth.


(a) Use the following idioms in your own sentences.
(i) A fishy deal
Their treaty proved a fishy deal.
(ii) A Freudian slip
She spoke by chance that she liked Mr. Aslam, which was a Freudian slip.
(iii) A maiden speech
His maiden speech in the Assembly was successful.
(iv) Crocodile tears
The step-mother shed crocodile tears at her son's death.
(v) Damocles' sword
The Latin American debt is overhanging American banks like the Damocles' sword.
(vi) Dutch courage
It was a Dutch courage that made him attack the policeman.
(vii) French leave
He got tired with his job, so he took French leave.
(viii) Pandora's box
The publication of this book opened up a Pandora's box in politics.
(ix) The underdog
The underdog in a Muslim society must be treated well. 
(x) Thumbnail sketch
The manager gave a thumbnail sketch of his plans.
(b) Use the following idioms in your own sentences.
(i) All and sundry
All and sundry went to see the village fair.
(ii) Bag and baggage
He has left Lahore bag and baggage.
(iii) Few and far between
Schools in villages are few and far between.
(iv) First and foremost
First and foremost, we should take care of our health.
(v) Flesh and blood
Flesh and blood cannot tolerate this act of cruelty.
(vi) Null and void
The contract was declared null and void.
(vii) Part and parcel
Hard work is a part and parcel of success.
(viii) Rank and file
The rank and file of the country stood up against the king.
(ix) Root and branch
The company has been transformed root and branch by the new management.
(x) To and fro
The flowers were swinging to and fro in the cold wind.
(c) Use the following idioms in your own sentences.
(i) A blue stocking
She is not well educated but she is a blue stocking.
(ii) A broken reed
Do not tell your secrets to him because he is a broke reed.
(iii) A dark horse
He proved a dark horse and stood first in the annual examination.
(iv) A laughing stock
If I wear that hat, I shall be the laughing stock of the village.
(v) A live wire
Our new principal is a man of action. He is a live wire.
(vi) A rolling stone
A rolling stone gathers no moss.
(vii) A scape goat
All of them were guilty but Aslam was made a scape goat.
(viii) A sugar daddy
The woman went off on a nice winter holiday with her sugar daddy.
(ix) A turn coat
A politician in Pakistan is often a turn coat.
(x) A wet blanket
Aslam is fun at parties, but his brother is a wet blanket.
(d) Use the following idioms in your own sentences.
(i) At a loss
We were at a loss about what to do with a broken computer.
(ii) At a stretch
She works at computer for hours at a stretch.
(iii) At daggers drawn
All the religious parties in Pakistan are at daggers drawn with one another.
(iv) At logger heads
We are at logger heads with the company over their plans to build a new factory.
(v) For good
He is leaving this place for good.
(vi) In cold blood
He was murdered in cold blood.
(vii) In the pipeline
The new education policy is in the pipeline.
(viii) On the anvil
The new education policy is on the anvil.
(ix) Out at elbows
He always wears that old jacket although it is out at elbows.
(x) Under a cloud
He left his job under a cloud.


(a) Use the following phrasal verbs in your own sentences.
(i) Back away
You should back away from the fire.
(ii) Back out
He backed out of the contract at the last moment.
(iii) Bear with
I could not bear with this angry mood.
(iv) Bear up
You should bear up the hardships of life bravely.
(v) Beat back
The Pakistan Army beat back the Indian Army in 1965.
(vi) Blow out
I blew out the candles one by one.
(vii) Break down
The car broke down on the way.
(viii) Break into
A thief broke into his house last night.
(ix) Break out
Cholera has broken out in the city now-a-days.
(x) Buy off
The mobster tried to buy off the jury.
(b) Use the following phrasal verbs in your own sentences.
(i) Come about
How did this damage come about?
(ii) Come off
What time does this party come off?
(iii) Carry off
The kidnappers carried the child off.
(iv) Drop in
I hate to drop in on people when they aren't expecting me.
(v) Do away with
This chemical will do away with the stain in your sink.
(vi) Fall out
The husband fell out with his wife over a trifle.
(vii) Fall in with
I fell in with an old friend on my way.
(viii) Give up
He has given up smoking for ever.
(ix) Go about
There is a lot of this flu going about these days.
(x) Look down upon
We should not look down upon the poor.
(c) Use the following phrasal verbs in your own sentences.
(i) Make off with
The robber made away with the jewelry.
(ii) Make up for
We must make up for the lost time.
(iii) Pass away
The patient passed away in the morning.
(iv) Pull down
They are going to pull down the old building today.
(v) Pull up
He pulled up the dog out of the pond.
(vi) Put off
Do not put off your meeting.
(vii) Put up with
I cannot put up with my insult.
(viii) Run down
Due to illness, his health has run down.
(ix) Run over
A child was run over by a car.
(x) Run up against
My motor bike ran up against a car last night.
(d) Use the following phrasal verbs in your own sentences.
(i) Set up for
He sets himself up for an experienced driver.
(ii) Stand by
He stood by me in poverty.
(iii) Stand for
In a traffic signal, the red light stands for "stop."
(iv) Stick to
Please stick to the traditions of Islam at every cost.
(v) Take down
Take down what I dictate you.
(vi) Take in
I was taken in by his friendly manners.
(vii) Turn away
The police officer turned the pedestrians away from the scene of the accident.
(viii) Turn down
She has turned down my proposal.
(ix) Walk away with
His servant walked away with his money.
(x) Wear out
I wore out my shoes in less than a month.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Application for Job - B.A. English

Write an application for (job).

Examination Hall,
A.B.C. (city)
April 22, 2015


Subject: Appointment as a -----------------------------------
    I have come to know through a reliable source that some posts of __________ lie vacant at you firm/institution under your kind control. I offer myself as a candidate for one of them. I will be available to take up my duties any time and would be glad to work under your kind supremacy. 
      I am giving below a resume of my qualification and other particulars. It will show that I am the person you need in your office/firm/institution. 
Name: A.B.C.
Date of Birth: DD/MM/YY
Education: M.A./M.Sc. __________
Experience: _____ years
Address: Examination Hall, City A.B.C
Contact: **********
Others: I am an amateur cricketer, competent debater and have an excellent command on English Language.
(Photocopies of necessary certificates are attached herewith)
     I would appreciate your considering me as a candidate for this post and if appointed I would work to the entire satisfaction of my superiors. I will leave no stone unturned. 
Thanking you in anticipation. 

Yours obediently, 

1. Write an application in response to the following advertisement. 
Accounts Clerks in a well established
Multi National Firm, P.O. Box No. 
450, Islamabad 
(Multi National Firm, P.O. Box No. 450, Islamabad, Accounts Clerk, accounts clerks, firm, firm, M.B.A., 5) 
2. Write an application to the director of education for the post of an English teacher.
(Director of Education, Lahore, Teacher, teachers, institution, institution, M.A. English, 5)
3. Write an application in response to the following advertisement. 
Wanted active and smart young graduate lady 
to work as Telephone Operator in a 
Multi National Company P.O. Box 45, Lahore. 
(Multi National Company, P.O. Box 45, Lahore, Telephone Operator, telephone operators, company, company, M.A. English, IELTS, 2)
4. Write an application to the director of a theatre to case to in his stage drama as a hero/heroine. 
(Director of Theatre, Lahore, Hero, Heroes, theatre,theatre, B.A., 2)
5. Write an application to a landlord to hire you as a manager of his farm servants. 
(Landlord, Gujjrat, Manager, managers, farms, farms, B.A., 2)
6. Write an application to the General Manager of a Cement Factory for a job of a Mechanical Engineer. 
(General Manager, Cement Factory Wah Cannt, Mechanical Engineer, mechanical engineers, firm, firm, M.Sc. Chemistry, 5)
8. Write an application to the Finance Manager of a Multinational Firm for the appointment of an Account Clerk. 
9. Write an application to the Finance Manage of a Multinational Firm for the appointment of an Audit Officer.
13. Write an application to the General Manager of a Multinational Firm for the appointment of a Medical Representative.
16. Write an application to the Director Education (Schools) for the appointment of a teacher.
10. Write a job application to the District Coordinating Officer for the post of a Computer Operator.
11. Write a job application to the Accountant General for the Post of an Assistant. 
12. Write a job application to the Director of a Private Firm for the post of an Accountant.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

General Essay (25 in One) - B.A. English (PU)

Write a general essay, with outline, of 300-350 words that covers the following topics;
(i)  Energy Crisis
(ii) Unemployment
(iii) Terrorism
(iv) Drug Addiction
(v) Black Marketing
(vi) Corruption
(vii) Inflation - Rising Prices
(viii) Over-Population
(ix) Environmental Pollution
(x) Smuggling
(xi) Mass Illiteracy
(xii) Drug Trafficking 
(xiii) Sectarianism
(xiv) Economic Crisis
(xv) Beggary
(xvi) Bribery
(xvii) Nepotism
(xviii) Tax Evasion
(xix) Violence
(xx) Poverty
(xxi) Political Instability 
(xxii) Lawlessness
(xxiii) Social and Economic Crisis
(xxiv) Social and Economical Problems
(xxv) Injustice and Inequality


(i) Introduction
(ii) Evil impacts and complications of __________.
(iii) It breeds social, economical, political and moral problems
(iv) Causes of __________.
(v) Remedies of __________.
(vi) Conclusion
     __________ is a major problem in most backward and developing countries. It indicates our moral, social and religious downfall. It is a matter of great shame that in spite of becoming a nuclear power, we are far behind other nations in the way of character and faith. There are many factors which are responsible for __________. Illiteracy, poverty and false ideas of society are the major causes of this social evil. However, a close analysis reveals that craze for wealth and power is the base of all kind of __________. People have become greedy and selfish. They do not know the virtues of love, sympathy and sacrifice.
      __________ has become one of the most important problem of all the world especially of the third world countries like Pakistan. It is full of danger of evil impacts. It destabilizes and demoralizes nations and gives birth to depression and frustration in the society and state. It creates and spreads the feelings of uncertainty, instability and insecurity among the masses. If it creeps in a society, it eats into its vitals and soon roots out its inner strength. It destroys its outer splendor, economic prosperity, social peace and national unity. Consequently, a nation's good image is spoiled in all over the world. Lawlessness becomes order of the day due to poverty, corruption, violence, indiscipline and mass illiteracy. It it is not effectively, properly and promptly checked, the entire judicial, moral and economic fabric of a nation will be collapsed.
     ___________ is highly dangerous and devastating for a country like Pakistan that has a weak economy and political instability. If the evil of __________ is not nipped in the bud, it may spread like a bush fire and engulf the whole nation or region like and epidemic. _________ badly shatters people's faith in institution and supremacy of the constitution. It deprives masses from mental, physical, spiritual, moral and economic health. It also paves way for bloody revolutions and military take-overs.
     The main causes of __________ are illiteracy, poverty, economic policies of government and man's burning desire to become rich and bigwig over night. __________ creates economic pressure, social and economic injustice. Feudalism, capitalism and uneven distribution of wealth and opportunities, non-availability of basic necessities and fundamental rights also spread __________. Non-availability of education, health care and jobs also paves the way to spread __________. External factors like agencies of neighbouring  states like India also play a vital role in spreading __________ in Pakistan in order to destabilize it.
     In the end we can say that our officers as well as the scholars, educationists, political parties, NGO's and national mass media should take necessary steps to eradicated this wicked problem for the best national and human interest. Only then we can raise our heads as a free and dignified nation.