Saturday, 27 June 2015


Role of Nick Adams
     Ole Anderson, Al, Max, George, Sam and Nick Adams are the main characters of the story, "The Killers". However, the protagonist is Nick Adams. He is a typical Hemingway hero who is learning "the code". He is a teenage boy, responsible citizen and peace-loving individual.  
     Firstly, he is a little dude of about eighteen or nineteen who works at Henry's Lunch-Room with George and Sam in Summit. His age becomes evident when Al and Max mock his masculinity by calling him a "bright boy". Moreover, when Sam says, "Little boys always know what to do", his teenage gets proved. 
     Secondly, he is a responsible citizen. After the departure of Al and Max, he goes to Hirsch's Boarding House. There he warns Ole Anderson of the impending danger to Ole's life from Al and Max. He also offers him his help by saying, "Don't you want me to go and see the police"?
     Thirdly, he is a peace-loving person. He recognizes the horror of evil and attempts to do something about it, but when he cannot, he decides to run away from the area of gangsters. Thus when he comes back Henry's Lunch-Room, he says to George, "I'm going to get out of this town". 

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Effect of Romantic Love
     According to Freud, a love which has a blocked sexual urge is called romantic love. "Araby" by James Joyce beautifully depicts the effect of romantic love on the adolescent mind of a small boy who is infatuated with the sister of a play-mate. This is the boy's first and unrequited love which makes him an imaginative dude, parasitical follower and sentimental fool.
     Firstly, love makes the boy highly imaginative. He is always obsessed in the sweet thoughts of his sweet-heart. He always keeps her with him in his imagination. At day in the class-room and at night in the bed-room, he envisages her beautiful "brown figure" between him and the page of book he strives to read. 
     Secondly, love converts him into a parasitical follower. He wants to hang around his beloved all the time. Every morning, he lies on the floor of his front room and anxiously waits for his beloved to come our of her house for school. As soon as she comes at her doorstep, he quickly takes his books and follows her to that point where their ways diverge. 
     Thirdly, love makes him a sentimental fool. He promises his darling to procure a souvenir for her from "Araby". Being late, his aunt advised him to postpone his trip. His uncle gives him a little money. However, love compels him to visit "Araby". With a little money in the almost closed bazaar, he confronts with epiphany and returns home empty handed.

Thursday, 30 April 2015


(c) Importance of Vitamins for Human Body
     A vitamin is an organic compound required by an organism as a vital nutrient in limited amounts. There are thirteen vitamins that a human body needs for health and fitness. These include four fat-soluble vitamins; A,D,E and K, and nine water soluble vitamins; 8 B vitamins and vitamin C. In his essay "The Vitamins", Dr. Kenneth Walker has beautifully described the role of various vitamins for human body. 
     Each vitamin has specific jobs. Vitamins A plays a really big part in body growth, immune system and eye-sight. Vitamin D is necessay for strong bones and E is indispensable for fertility. Vitamin K is the clot-master. B vitamins help human body to synthesize proteins and energy. Vitamin C helps to heal cuts and wounds. Thus vitamins play a significant role in keeping the human body healthy and fit. 
     Deficiency and excess of vitamins also affect human health. The dearth of vitamin A may lead to a curious condition of the eye called xerophthalmia. The lack of vitamin D can cause rickets. One of major causes of human infertility is the lack of vitamin E. Beri-beri and pellagra are caused by the scarcity of B vitamins. Similary high dose of some vitamins may make human body sick. 
    In short, for the fitness of human body an adequate quantity of vitamin is inevitable. If the vitamins are missing from human diet, then the supply of mere carbohydrates, proteins, fats and minerals fail to keep us in proper state of health. The writer also proscribes us to take vitamins in the form of tablets. We must get them from fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals and meat to keep our body robust.

Monday, 30 March 2015


Every Day is a New Day
     Nature has its own cycles. The cycle of time in which the earth makes a complete rotation on its axis is called a day. Although, a day is a repetitive natural phenomenon yet no day is same. Every day is a new day because it is extremely different, a new beginning and a new opportunity.
     Firstly, every day is a different day. It has a different name, different date and different possibilities. When Manolin reminds Santiago of his an erstwhile unlucky spell of 87 days, Santiago says, "It could not happen twice". Thus no day is like bygone days. It is absolutely new.
     Secondly, every day is a new beginning. A man is reborn every day. It is the first day of the rest of his life. It is a clean slate. If man performs bad of good deeds the day before, the canvas is wiped clean as soon as he wakes up the next morning.
     Thirdly, every day is a new opportunity. The chief beauty about a new day is that no man can consume it in advance. Every new day lies ready for him, as perfect, as unspoiled. So man should be optimistic about every day. In fact, Santiago rightly hopes that 85th will be a lucky day.